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Blood or Urine tests and a pelvic exam are necessary to confirm pregnancy. 

Urine Pregnancy Test 
The most simple way to confirm pregnancy is to buy a pregnancy testing kit available in drug stores, two weeks after a missed period or earlier. It is based on the detection of pregnancy hormone in the urine. The first urine specimen of the day is preferred for testing as it has more concentration of pregnancy hormone. This test can be performed in a matter of few minutes and only one or two drops of urine is required. If the urine changes colour, the test is positive. The test result can show incorrect results. Occasionally a false - negative results can be a sign of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy.

Pelvic Exam
If the urine test is positive or if you have any symptoms of pregnancy even if the urine test is negative, you must consult a gynecologist. The doctor does the pelvic exam usually after six week from the last menstrual period, to confirm pregnancy. The physician inserts two fingers into the vagina alongside the cervix while the other hand presses the lower abdomen and directs the pelvic organs towards the examining fingers. The more relaxed your abdominal and vaginal muscles, the more comfortable and thorough will be the exam. The main purpose of pelvic exam in early pregnancy is to evaluate the size of the uterus, tubes and ovaries. The doctor determines how many weeks you have been pregnant by evaluating uterine enlargements, initially detectable about 4 weeks after conception. Besides uterine enlargement he also looks for two other findings indicative of pregnancy, uterine softening and a slight bluish colourisation of the cervix. 

Blood Pregnancy test
Blood pregnancy test are the costliest as well as the most sensitive and reliable of pregnancy tests. The basic type is called the radioimmunoassay (RIA) or beta subunit HCG. This test is often reserved for pregnancy complications such as a suspected tubal pregnancy, but it can also be used to determine if a woman is pregnant before the missed period. A blood sample is taken and the test result usually take about one hour. This test can also establish approximately how far your pregnancy has progressed in weeks. 

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My mother has got a renal mass in her right kidney approx 7cm and what we understood by her reports was that she has tiny multiple cysts in her lower pole, the doctor has told us that it is not malignant and non enhancing, but we have just done a ct scan and blood tests not even any biopsy so how can he be so sure it is not malignant, she seldom gets a lower back painin her right side, we are taking her to another consulting doctor for a second opinion, as to no what should be done, she is also type 2 diabetic

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Hi, I am from Bangladesh. I donated blood to my wife without knowing the fact that it is dangerous. Now she is pregnant of two months. The blood group of both of us is O+. Could you tell me what risks may occur & what precaution should we take?

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