Saturday, April 13, 2024


Folk Dances

Phag Dance or Phalgun or "Faag" Dance

This is a seasonal dance ,through which agricultural people express their joy and vigour. During the month of February -March ,they have a little leisure between sowing and harvesting. The crops are growing well, the spring is on and the rural folk express themselves through song and dance.

In this dance men and women group together. The rhythm takes them on to emotional expression  through their hands, eyes, and feet. The dance involves a variety of movement ,requiring sound co-ordination. Women wear traditional costumes in different colours. Men similarly display different colours in their turbans. They sing in the ancient Daamal style, a combination of dance and song, the origin of which dates to the hoary past, it is a mixed dance but some times it is performed by men only. The songs are different in each case.