Thursday, February 2, 2023


Folk Dances

Jhumar dance

This dance takes in the name from Jhumar, an ornament commonly worn on the fore head by young married girls. It is performed exclusively by women. They form a circle  and move gracefully, accompanied by the beats of dholak and Thali. There are many variations each with its own distinctive rhythm. The dancers loose themselves in gay abandon, dressed in colourful costumes. The performance lasts several hours. A girl comes forwards and breaks in to song. When girl sing the song, another girl then steps forward, swaying  rhythmically with perfect poise. The second line of the song is shared by both. The tempo  increases as the dance proceeds. The  other girl do not leave their places but keep on singing the song and clapping their hands against each other. There is a short pause before a  new line of the song is started.

This dance resembles the well-known Punjabi Gidda and is thus named Haryanic Gidda. It is common in all parts of the state.