Thursday, February 2, 2023


Folk Dances

Holi Dance

This exuberant dance is connected with the seasonal festival of spring. When the rural community rejoices and relaxes after the completion of their agricultural operations. It is performed in various formations to  the accompaniment  of drums and pipes. Both men and women participate in this dance. Percussion instruments like dhol, jhajh, chimta, khartal and thalis and anklets on the feet of the dancers produce the rhythm. Abir, gulal and coloured water is sprinkled on each other by the dancers. The dance is accompanied  by the Chaupies and Chaumbaulas which sustain performance  for hours. Women folk use twisted ropes, Kolars to mock-beat their counterparts. Men in a mood of frivolity wear women's costumes and exhibit their talent in female steps. The men folk not even a guest is spared. The dance is popular in Faridabad, Pulwal and Ballabhgarh. It is also performed  in other areas.