Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Folk Dances

Ghumar Dance

Some dancers receive their inspiration from religion. The gods and the elements are invoked to shower their blessing  on the labours of a community.

Ghumar is a Rajasthani dance but it is popular in Laharu, Dadri and some parts of the Hissar and Bhiwani, bordering Rajasthan. The dance is performed by women devotees on their way to the temple. Young women and girls carrying brass plates of offerings in their  hands go to the temple singing devotional songs. The dance is performed on Diwali, the festival of lights and Holi, the festivals of spring or on the occasion of the local ceremony of Gangor Puja. 

Brass plates in their hands, girls make a circle and start singing. The Musicians strike a chord  and as soon as the tune begins to take shape and gain momentum, the dancers put their offerings aside forming a large circle and dances gracefully with uplifted arms to the simplest beats. Slowly the dance gather momentum, the swaying bodies become frantic, taking the dance to its climax.