Thursday, February 2, 2023


Folk Dances

Ras Leela

This dance is common among the people living in the Braja area of the Faridabad  district. Lord Vishnu has been manifest in many incarnations. He is the supreme embodiment. He is Lord Krishna. The Gopis of Braj Bhoomi, the simple milk maid are his true devotees. Krishna choose them as the finest examples of human beings. Radha, the most beautiful of the Gopis, proud of her beauty and power over men was the last one to surrender to the utter bliss of the lord. Ras Leela  becomes a dance of spiritual ecstasy with God pervading the world  as his own self and as the selves of the dancing  gopis. The gopis form a circle around a Krishna. In this circular dance  the bracelets ,anklets and the bells of the gopis sound together in perfect  harmony. Gopis moving  in Rhythm, sway their bodies  gracefully.