Friday, March 31, 2023

Kerala Crafts

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  • Brass Decorated Jewellery Box
    Brass Decorated Jewellery Box
  • Bell Metal-Aranmulla Mirror
    Bell Metal-Aranmulla Mirror
  • Rose Wood-Kathakali Head
    Rose Wood-Kathakali Head
  • Bell metal-Manichitrathazhu
    Bell metal-Manichitrathazhu
  • Traditional Para
    Traditional Para
  • Race Boat
    Rosewood Race Boat & Boat Shaped Pen stand
  • Nettipattam
    Nettipattam-Elephant Decoration
  • Caparisoned
    Rosewood Caparisoned Elephant
  • Coconut Shell
    Coconut Shell Crafts
  • Banana Fibre
    Flower Pot Hanger-Banana Fibre
  • Banana Fibre Mat
    Banana Fibre Mat
  • Banana Fibre Mat
    Banana Fibre Mat
  • Nataraja on Metal
    Nataraja on Metal
  • Nilavilaku
    Nilavilaku Bell metal- Oil Lamp
  • Mayil Lamp
    Bell Metal -Mayil Lamp
  • Mayil Lamp
    Bell Metal -Mayil Lamp
  • Table Lamp
    Coconut Shell, Anchor Table Lamp
  • Paper Craft
    Paper Craft
  • Kathakali Standing
    Paper Mache- Kathakali Standing
  • Wood Carving -Ganesa
    Wood Carving -Ganesa
  • Coir Mats
    Coir Mats
  • Wood carving
    Wood carving -Elephant
  • Coconut Shell Flower Vases
    Coconut Shell Flower Vases
  • Screw pine product
    Screw pine product
  • Rare Collection of Shells
    Rare Collection of Shells
  • Rose Wood Figure
    Rose Wood Figure
  • Pepal Leaf Painted
    Pepal Leaf Painted
  • Straw Picture
    Straw Picture -Scenery
  • Night lamp
    Buffalo Horn Night lamp & Feeding Crane
  • Venchamaram
    Venchamaram (Elephant Decoration) & Deity