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Chunk Candle

Chunk Candle
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A white candle with two or three colours seen through its transparent whiteness.

Melt wax as given in the basic procedure in a single or two or three desired colours separately. Add crayons or candle colours or dyes. Take three trays and  grease it with coconut or any clear vegetable oil  and pour each of the three melted colour wax into each tray approximately in 1cm thickness. Keep aside for setting. When the poured wax is nearly set, cut into desired shapes using a knife or moulds (star shaped, heart shaped etc). Now your chunks are ready.

Grease a desired container (thick round or square mould) and fill three fourth of the container with the chunks made earlier. Press them as close as possible against the sides so that the colours will be seen through at their brightest. Now take a wick slightly longer than the container height and prime it. ( Dip the wick three to four times in boiling wax at equal intervals to get a coating of wax over it. This makes the wick straight) Now place the wick in the middle of the chunks inside the container. Melt plain wax and pour it into the container until the surface of the mould is level. Keep aside for setting.

Instead of making chunks, you can use coloured candle ends left over after use. Pull out the pieces of wick inside before using them as chunks.


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