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Button Flowers

Button Flowers
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Hello kids… Are you looking for simple craft ideas? Here is a great idea to use old buttons in a cute way. Surprise your friends… You just need to follow these instructions to make lovely flowers..

Button flowers
For making this flower we need :
» White beads and some colourful buttons of different sizes…
» Aluminium wire
Make sure that the buttons have more than one hole.

Let us move to the making part… Take the wire and insert it up through a big button, then through a small button. Finally thread the same wire through a white bead. Then take the wire back down, through the opposite holes of the same buttons. To finish the flower, twist the wire to form the stem and secure it properly.

Your flower is ready. Make more flowers with different buttons. Now it is time to arrange the flowers. Place them among green leaves so that it will look as if the flowers are blooming from the plant…


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