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Weaving Weaving
Weaving and embroidery is one of the main industry of Assam. Some of the Assamese traditional garments like Mekhela - Chadar, two piece Assamese ladies apparel have beautiful designed borders. Cotton, Muga silk, Paat (Silk), Eri silk are common fabrics widely used for weaving. Images of animals, human figures, creepers, flowers, birds etc. are embroidered on handloom products. Sarees, shawls, jackets, gamocha (Assamese Towel), table spreads, mats and napkins are the common products. Cachar district and Sualkuchi (Silk weaving centre) are the main handloom weaving centres of Assam. 
Fibre is also weaved on a loom made of wood and bamboo poles in  Batadrava area of Nagaon district and Gauripur of Dhubri district. Seats, mats and cushions are made with fibre.

BambooCane and Bamboo
Cane and bamboo products is another important industry of Assam. Assamese make beautiful furniture and roof tiles with cane. Common house hold articles like sieve, beer mug, winnowing pan, waterpot, small baskets and hats with colourful design and motif are made out of Bamboo.

Wood Carving 
Wood is a traditional craft of Assam.  Exquisite wood carvings are seen in the doors, walls, beams, decorative panels and ceilings in houses, temples, monasteries and royal palace. The painted wood work of Golaghat signifies the folk art of the state.


Assamese terracotta products are exquisite examples of immaculate craftsmanship. Household articles, toys, dolls and images of worship are the main products. Gauripur is the centre for terracotta products in Assam.

Brass and Bell metal
Hajo and Sarthebari in Kamrup district of Assam are famous for brass and bell metal crafts respectively.  The main products are Kalah (water pot), Sarai, Kahi (dish) Bati (bowl), Lota and Tal (cymbals) etc..