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Seascape Candles

Seascape Candles
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Seascape candles
Glass container
Hot glue
Gel wax
Liquid  dye
Clean sand
embeds-Fish miniatures  


Glue the wick base in the centre of the glass container with the help of hot glue.  Add a layer of clean sand or table salt at the bottom of the glass.  Table salt may get wet when we pour the gel on top. Melt a small amount of gel in a pan and pour it over the sand. This is done to hold the sand in place without spreading or making a hole in the sand. Let it cool and arrange the seas shells and fish miniatures in the gel. Glass fish or other sea creatures can be hot glued to a shell to make them appear "suspended" in the gel. Some miniatures are made with a hole. If using this type of fish, insert a thread through the hole and tie the ends in a knot at the proper length and lay across the top of the glass to hold the fish at the level you want it to swim.

Melt the required amount of gel and add just enough blue colour to lightly tint the gel. It is recommended to double check the colour by taking a small amount  of gel on a spoon and placing it in a white paper sheet.  Pour the gel in to the container and keep it for cooling. Once the gel has completely cooled, just snip the fishing line and gently pull it out of the gel. Keep the wick straight and trimmed out.


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