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Ice Candle

Ice Candle
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Adding ice cubes gives an uneven, fizzy texture with random holes on the surface. 

Melt the wax with the desired colour. Grease a rigid mould with oil and pack 1/2 of the container with small ice cubes (larger the cubes, the larger will be the holes) or crushed ice. Stand the mould in a bowl or a dish. Now place the primed wick in the center or thread the wick through the hole in the mould and suspend the wick vertically in the mould by tying it to a split cane or a toothpick. Pour the melted wax into the container. Now leave it for setting. The setting time will be lesser than usual as ice is added. As the ice cubes melt, the water runs out through the hole in the mould and different shapes of holes form all around the candle which will give a unique effect to the exterior of the candle. Carefully remove the candle from the mould by pulling the wick. 


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