Monday, September 25, 2023

Gujarat Tourism

Gujarat Travel Guide

Gujarat, the ‘Jewel of the West,’ is a tourist destination that offers something for every visitor. The state situated between 20o1' and 24o7' north latitudes and 68o4' and 74o4'east longitudes is bounded on the west by the Arabian sea which encloses the state on three sides, on the north-west by Pakistan, on the north by Rajasthan, on the east by Madhya Pradesh and on the south and south-east by Maharashtra.  

A journey through Gujarat unfolds a religious, cultural and historical panorama. The state with the longest coast line (1290km) in the country is renowned for its beaches, holy temples, historic capitals replete with immense architectural assets, wildlife sanctuaries and hill resorts. Religious spots include Dwaraka, Somanath, Pawagadh, Ambaji, Bhadreswar, Shamlaji, the Jain temples at Taranga, Girnar and Palitana with around 800 temples spread on the sacred Shetrunjaya hill and the oldest fire temple of the Parsees at Udwada. The places of memorable monuments of architectural and archeological splendour include the Sun temple at Modhera, 5000 year old architectural finds at Lothal, and the monuments at Ahmedabad, Patan, Siddhpur Ghumli, Dabhoi, Vadnagar etc; beautiful beaches include the ones at Ahmadpur- Mandvi with its ethnic beach resort and at Chorwad, Ubharat and Tithal; Porbander, the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and his  national shrine at Sabarmathi, the hill station at Saputara and game sanctuary at Gir, the last retreat of the Asiatic Lions and the Wild ass sanctuary in the Kachch area are some of the major and varied attractions in the state.

Along with its varied destinations, the attractive handicrafts, the delicious cuisine and colourful lifestyle of the people of Gujarat, add to its charm. As the Tropic of Cancer passes through the northern border of Gujarat, the state has an intensely hot or cold climate. But the Arabian sea and the Gulf of Cambay in the west and the forest covered hills in the east soften the rigors of climatic extremes. The best time to visit Gujarat is during the months of October and March.