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Gujarat has a unique distinction  of having a legendary origin  of her folk dance forms. The most popular and known  folk dances of Gujarat are Garba, Garbi, Rasaka, Tippani, Padhar-Nritya, Dangi-Nritya  etc. Most of these dances have a circle of Mandala  as the basic Choreographic pattern.In the field of music, Gujarat has made its own contribution. A number of Ragas bear the territorial names of Gujarat such as Gujaqri Todi, Bilaval (from Veraval), Sorathi, (from Sorath), Khambavati (from Khambhat, Cambay), Ahiri and Lati. These are invaluable gifts of Gujarat  to the classical music of India. Jesingbhai, the creator of the Vichitra Veena, a musical string  instrument, was from Ahmedabad.

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