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Tarnetar Mela

Place: Saurasthra, Gujarat
Time: September
Venue: Trineteshwar temple
Significance: Tribal Fair coinciding the wedding celebrations of Arjuna and Draupadi
Date: 18.9.2023 - 20.9.2023

An exciting and unique three day fair held annually at Tarnetar in Saurashtra, Gujarat. The Tarnetar fair is one of the most colourful events in the state of  Gujarat. The fair coincides with the festival at the Trineteshwar temple (three-eyed god Shiva), celebrating the wedding of the legendary 'Mahabharatha' (epic) hero, Arjuna with Draupadi. It is believed that the Swayamwar (marriage) took place in Tarnetar after Arjun performed the Mastsyavedh, an unparalleled feat of archery. 

Villagers from all over Saurashtra, dressed in their traditional costumes and exquisite jewellery throng Tarnetar during this fair. The fair is a kind of marriage market for the local tribals-the Kolis, Bharwads and Rabaris who visit Tarnetar to find suitable brides. The tribal youth elegantly dressed in colourful dhotis, embroidered jackets, eye-catching turbans and carrying colourful embroidered umbrellas come to be chosen by village belles dressed in colourful finery. Tradition holds that if the girl stops to talk to one of the men, it is a sign that she has found the man of her choice.

Lively folk songs and dances-garba, ras, hudo and the Rasada, the captivating folk dance performed by hundreds of women moving gracefully in a single circle, dancing to the accompaniment of  drums and  flutes are the special attractions of the fair, besides the wonderful Tarnetar "Chhatris" -umbrellas with intricate embroidery and mirror work. There are also exhibitions of rural handicrafts, a cattle show, and competitive sports. 

Gujarat Tourism makes arrangements for guided tours to Tarnetar both from Ahmedabad and Rajkot. With its mouth-watering Gujarati delicacies and typical 'kuba' huts and tent village. 

How to get there

Rail : Nearest Railhead is Rajkot, 75 kms from Tarnetar.

Road: State transport buses and private luxury coaches connects various centres of Gujarat.

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