Friday, September 30, 2022
Meera Dewaan, Editor, Dainik Bhaskar, Delhi -
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Meera Dewaan,
Editor, Dainik Bhaskar
Delhi, India



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1. When Bitter Gets Better - Benefits of Patanjali Amla Juice ( Promotional Features )

Here's all you need to know about the health benefits of Patanjali Amla Juice.

2. How to prepare 5 Fat Burning Juices with KENT Grinder and Blender ( Food )

Recipe of fat burning juices

3. 8 ways to reduce your chances of visa refusal while immigrating to UK ( Tourism )

4. Optimizing Lighting in Parking Lots ( Promotional Features )

LED lights-All about LED lighting

5. This EID, Up Your Style Quotient from Head to Toe! ( Fashion and Beauty )

How can you up your style quotient with a flair that matches the ongoing trends?

6. Things All Travel Enthusiasts Would Relate to ( Tourism )

At the end of every travel excursion, there are things that one looks back to, things that make them feel nostalgic and bring a smile on their face.

7. I am an engineering aspirant from Chandigarh. Do I really need to go to Kota for my JEE? ( Career )

8. Five reasons to consider Error & Omission Insurance while offering Consultancy Services ( Finance )

The author explains what Error & Omission Insurance is all about, and Five reasons to consider error and omission insurance.

9. How to Become a Smart Business Traveler? ( Tourism )

10. Should you really have a big breakfast ( Health )

Recent research has shown that eating a heavy breakfast like "paratha" or oily "chole bhature" first thing in the morning, may be detrimental to your health, overriding the benefits of a healthy breakfast.

11. How well do you know your Health Insurance Policy? ( Finance )

It is important to understand your specific health insurance benefits before buying the policy, and select the right cover.

12. Here's What These Women Are Buying for Their Families This New Year ( Promotional Features )

13. Is your business ready to bear the cost of the accident for your workers? ( Finance )

14. Know about Qutab golf course- Indias first public golf course ( Sports )

15. Difference between Individual Health Plan & Group Health Insurance Plan ( Finance )

16. Beauty Trends: 4 Unavoidable Makeup Fads for Fashion Maniacs ( Fashion and Beauty )

Letís take a look at some beauty expertís advice on what seems to be the 4 makeup fads to follow in 2016. This year seems to be the right time to put up your best and most natural look forward, with complexions more likely to have a softer look while maintaining a glowing appeal.Check out these 4 unavoidable makeup fads for 2016.

17. Munnar: The epitome of everything thatís beautiful ( Tourism )

18. 5 Reasons why Chennai is an excellent place for Single Working women ( Tourism )

19. Home Insurance Can Protect You Against Fire Damage ( Finance )

Property insurance is vital because it reduces risk of financial loss incurred through damage caused to your home by hazards.†Many home insurance policies now include protection from fire as part of the coverage. While shopping around for good home insurance, learn about the fire protection clause and what it covers.

20. Market-linked investments with capital guaranteed feature: Are you ready to be blown away ( Finance )

21. 5 Tips for Filing Your Income Tax Returns ( Finance )

22. Teenagers Will Now Be Tried As Adults For Serious Crimes ( News and Blogs )