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Here's What These Women Are Buying for Their Families This New Year

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New Year Eve is the time when everyone is in the mood of celebration. While some prefer ringing in the new year by hosting a grand party, others love doing it in the serene company of their loved ones. Whatever be the style of celebration, preparation begins for the eve well in advance. We came across many individuals who have started planning the coming year already. In fact, a few of them have their shopping list ready. So, we peeped into their list to figure out their top priorities and this is what we got. 

Sonam Gairola, Fashion Writer

Married for the last three years, Sonam gifts her husband clothes on every special occasion. But, this New Year Eve is going to be a memorable one, as she is planning to buy something which will leave her husband amazed. 

Since her husband is a dog lover, she is planning to bring home a puppy at the New Year Eve. She disclosed this tenderly, “My husband always wanted to have a dog at home, but it was my reluctance for pets that restrained him”. But, with the passing of this year, she is all set to give away her reluctance and bring home the little bundle of joy.

“I am just waiting to see the big smile on the face of my husband when the little puppy will step into our house”. And while making this statement, she herself was oozing out happiness!

Apanshula Mishra, Marketing Professional 

Apanshula's family stays in Kangra, a beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh. Working as a marketing professional with a firm in Noida, she misses the fresh air and the greenery of her hometown. 

She spurted with anguish: “The smog in the air of Delhi/NCR over the last few years is really giving a tough time to my parents. They are always worried about my health.” Like any other child, she is not happy to see her parents worried for her all the time. 

“Just to ensure that my parents are no more worried about my health in the new city, I am planning to buy an air purifier for myself this New Year.” By buying an air purifier, she will gift the peace of mind to her parents, who want to see her blooming with good health forever.

Anita Datt, Home maker

Anita's husband Ajit suffers from digestive distress. Being a doting wife she is concerned about his health and the first thing that she has decided to buy this new year is a personal water filter for him. The contaminated drinking water supply in the cities raises serious concerns for old and young alike. With a perturbed look, she uttered, “I just can’t see my husband suffering from polluted drinking water.” 

This concern of hers stirred her to invest in a water filter. She gushed with excitement, “Got a Kent water filter for my husband. A reliable brand like Kent helps me stay worry free. As we usher in the new year, a water filter is a perfect gift for my better half.” 

This concern of hers stirred her to invest in a water filter. She gushed with excitement, “Got a Kent water filter for my husband. A reliable brand like Kent helps me stay worry free. As we usher in the new year, a water filter is a perfect gift for my better half.” 

Kiranjot Kaur, Chartered Accountant

"My sibling is my best friend", this is what Kiran has to say when asked about the one she loves the most in the family. The sibling love grows more when they take care of each other’s needs. 

While she is sure that her brother is planning some special gift for her, she is all set to surprise him more at the New Year Eve. 
“I am planning to buy a desk organizer for my brother who has recently joined a new organization.” She was shy to admit this, “My brother is hard-working and intelligent. 
But when it comes to keeping his things in an organized manner, he still finds himself in mess sometimes.” Well, all we can say is that she is not wrong with her choice of the gift! 

Firoz Khan, Digital Marketing Professional

We could clearly see the blushed cheeks when Firoz made a playful remark: “The best gift for my mother would be me finally bringing home her daughter-in-law”. But, as he is still in search for his Ms. Right, he is finding other ways to keep his mom happy. “My mom loves cooking my favourite dishes every day, and now, it’s my turn to say thanks to her for this loving gesture”. 

As the New Year Eve is approaching, he is planning to bring home a cold pressed juicer to make sure her mom takes care of her own health too. “The old juicer at home is really giving tough time to my mother, who otherwise prefers having a glass of juice every day in the morning.” Adding more light to the origin of this gifting idea, he said: “I went to my friend’s place over the weekend and the green juice he made with the help of his cold pressed juicer was just too tasty.”

You can always find an excuse to treat your family members to pleasant surprises. And when it’s the New Year Eve, you just cannot stop yourself from investing in something that would make the bond even stronger. These gifts, however simple they might seem, have a special place in the life of loved ones as they are by their loved ones.

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