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5 Reasons why Chennai is an excellent place for Single Working women

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As per a 2011 census report, Chennai has the highest number of women workforce in the country beating cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. In the past decade, the hiring landscape in this country has undergone a major shift. Technological innovation coupled with the opening of the Indian economy in the early 90's has created more jobs in the market. Chennai in particular has taken advantage of this IT boon which has presented excellent career opportunities to women in particular. Women have become more forthright and more consenscious about career choices and do not hesitate to explore opportunities outside their comfort zone. In the recent path a great number of women from all parts of India are heading to Chennai to take up a professional assignment. But a constant question that looms is Chennai a safe place for young working professional?

Here are Top 5 reasons as to why Chennai an excellent place for single women to work and live.

The City is Safe in General

The crime against woman in Chennai is relatively less. Since 2000, crime against women has come down by 19.46% as per a 2013 data. Women also feel less threatened at work place because many MNC try to maintain a congenial and female employee friendly work environment.

To get a house on rent in Chennai is not difficult

A lot of people perceive Chennai to be a highly conservative plan ridden down with tradition where modern, independent, working women are seen with raised eyebrows. They are also of the opinion that it is difficult for single women to get a house for rent in Chennai. In reality these notions are quite far from the truth. In a city where 20% of its women earn a steady salary, the idea of a single women working in a corporate sector or an MNC is not bewildering at all. In fact, Chennaites do not hesitate to given their house for rent to single ladies. If you have all the valid documents such as proof of address, proof of identity and employment certification, you can find a house for rent in Chennai without much hassle.

Sharing is Caring

Top IT companies like TCS, HP, and Infosys to name a few emphasize on the maintenance of gender-balance in their companies workforce. In order to facilitate that they hire a number of women workforce from all over the country. Most women who are new to the city often seek the company in other women and take up shared accommodation together. This arrangement can help you save up on cost of living at the same time offer company of a peer, making life less lonely in a new city.

Well developed & Secured Transport

Chennai is home to Asia's largest city bus network. It connects all the major areas and the frequency of buses is also quite impressive. Travelling by bus is also safe and on certain routes have woman constables onboard who quickly report an untoward incident, if any. If you do not want to take up a public transport, the recent addition of location based taxi services like Uber, OLA has also made city commute quite affordable and easy. Then you have the IT corridor (6 lane road) that connects the main city with highway 49A that is home to several IT companies and offices. These routes frequently patrolled by PCR vans, making everyday commute quite safe and secured.

Excellent City Life

Chennai has both old world and new world charm. While you have sprawling night clubs and shopping centers, there are also places of historical and religious significance. The city is also bustling with a number of cultural and youth oriented activities that can keep people from age group have a good social life.

People have different notion about the city if Chennai. While, some people have bitter experiences in the past with respect to finding a house or facing the hostility of their landlord, in general Chennai is a pleasant place to live and work. Just like any other city in the country, there are people with different experiences, attitude and outlook to life. Our advice would be to go with an open mind and make the most out of the career opportunities that awaits you

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