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Should you really have a big breakfast

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I have been a big fan of breakfast and had always thought that chowing down was a smart way to start the day. But recent research has shown that consuming a big breakfast may not be a good idea as beginning your day on a heavy note may leave you sluggish for the rest of the day. Also, eating heavy breakfast like "paratha" or oily "chole bhature" first thing in the morning could give you acidity and will make you feel uncomfortable the entire day. Hence, make smart and healthy choices and trade that oily paratha with oats or steamed idli's. Accompany them with some fresh fruits. Having fruits in the morning is highly beneficial as the body absorbs nutrients more effectively as compared to the rest of the day.

Therefore, instead of skipping breakfast altogether we should make it healthier and concentrate on consuming fewer calories. This is because when we skip breakfast our body goes into a starvation mode, which slows down the metabolism process. The body start storing fat, thinking it might go into a starvation mode again. Secondly, the other problem is when you starve, it's going to be hard to resist that box of pastries even more. Some other benefits of having breakfast are:

  • Reduces risk of Diabetics

  • Skipping breakfast may increase a woman's risk for diabetes. According to recent studies, women who ate breakfast at an average of zero to six times per week were at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than women who ate breakfast every day.

  • Lowers incidence of Heart Disease

  • Eating breakfast is also associated with a lower incidence of heart disease in men between the age of 45 and 82. Skipping breakfast is also associated with hypertension, insulin resistance, and elevated blood sugar levels.

  • Memory Lapses

  • Breakfast-related studies found that eating breakfast is likely to improve cognitive function related to memory and test grades. Therefore if you want to think coherently and concentrate better at work, never miss breakfast.

Smart Meal Plan

In addition to the above meal plan, your best breakfast bets should include a protein component that will help keep you full until lunch, and a carbohydrate that will help you feel full immediately.

We should reduce our portion size and include fresh fruits in our breakfast, but if biting into a fruit is something too much of a commitment for you, trade it with a juice or smoothie. However, pouring your juice right from the carton may not be a good idea, as most packaged juices have added sugar and preservatives in them.

The best way to make your juices and smoothies is at home. The fiber content in our Smoothies and juices keep us full which means we consume fewer calories the rest of the day. But conventional juicers destroy the nutritive content of the juice and the only way to extract all the goodness of fruits and vegetable is to use cold pressed juicers.

In centrifugal juicers, the nutrients and fibers gets oxidized due to the heat generated as a result of high speed spinning. On the other hand, KENT Cold Pressed juicer does not produce as much heat as generated by the conventional juicers, thus keeping the nutrients and fibers intact.

For same quantity of green vegetables and fruits, Cold Pressed juicer yields more juice than conventional juicers. It can also process nuts for the yummiest almond or cashew nut milk shakes, which is not possible with conventional juicers. So if you are the health watchers you should invest in KENT cold pressed juicer. Skipping any meal of the day is not a great way to go, but instead of skipping we must concentrate on making each meal as healthy as possible.

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