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Know about Qutab golf course- Indias first public golf course

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  The beginning-

Located in the plush locales of Lado Sarai, the sprawling Qutab Golf Course is the first public golf course in India. Designed and developed by Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Qutab golf course teed off in January 2000 with only 9 holes. Post that 9 more holes were commissioned making it an 18-hole golf course. By adding more infrastructure and facilities, DDA has scored an Eagle in the game. Plantation of a vast number of trees, construction of an A class 250-yard driving range and availability of training facilities; makes it a perfect ground for beginners and professionals alike.

Making the game more accessible for all

Initially known as an elite sport, golf is increasingly gaining ground with the common folk. Thanks to the ‘Pay & Play’ facility available at Qutab Golf course, DDA has managed to propel the game to the general public, who till now shied away from it because of affordability issues. The Qutab Golf Course is also listed with platforms like who make the sport accessible and affordable by enabling golfers to book a game of golf online.

Upcoming Facelift

DDA plans to step up the game by giving yet another facelift to Qutab Golf Course. Here are a few changes planned. 

• Development of a clubhouse with state-of-the-art facilities

• Constructing six more water bodies

• Adding 56 bunkers with proper drainage system 

• Improvement in the sand quality 

• Usage of variety hybrid grass (Tiffdwarf) on the greens 

• New structure with parking capacity for around 30 golf carts

Besides this, the new structure will house a larger lobby, gymnasium, changing rooms, coffee shop, restaurant, bar, conference hall, kitchen, space for offices and more parking spaces. The plan also includes a store which will have golf accessories like clubs, balls, bags and gloves for the golfers. 

The new club is expected to accommodate a large number of members. There are plans to redevelop all the playing areas, driving range, cart paths, irrigation and drainage systems.

In progress 

The project of improving the infrastructure has already begun and is expected to be completed within the next two years and in two phases. During this time the playing field is to remain partially operational as nine holes will be redeveloped in the first step and the rest nine holes in the next phase. According to senior officials, the infrastructural changes are expected to be completed by mid-2018.

What next?

With all financial and administrative clearances in place, Qutab Golf Course gets set for a makeover. No wonder the enthusiasm in the golf lovers is palpable. The changes envisaged are likely to improve the standards of the game. The creation of six water bodies, 56 bunkers, proper drainage system and use of better sand quality is not only likely to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the course, but will be incremental at improving the quality of a golfing session. But are these advancements going to cost more? 

A hike in the price of the Qutab Golf Course a few years ago drew a lot of criticism amongst people in Delhi, with ace golfers in the country namely Anirban Lahiri & Shiv Kapur even signing a petition against it. The hike in price was primarily done to meet the expenses of running the facility. However, will there be a further increase in price? We are hopeful of not scoring a bogie shot this time.

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