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How to prepare 5 Fat Burning Juices with KENT Grinder and Blender

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Juicing for weight loss has been a thing for a long time. However, it is only recently that more people have adopted this practice. Inculcating some specific healthy habits such as eating more fruits, vegetables and staying away from excess sugar can bring remarkable changes in your life. Eating fruits and vegetables not only detoxifies your body, but it is also one of the best natural ways to lose weight.

The idea of juicing is quite popular in fitness circle, and people who are looking to lose fat need to pay heed to the process. Between eating fruits, vegetables or drinking juice, the latter is more favorable because
By drinking juice, we intake more fruits and vegetables
Juicing promotes weight loss because it boosts metabolism
Fruits and vegetables have a high quantity of antioxidants which help in preventing cancers

With a KENT Kitchen Blender, the process of juicing is easier and hassle-free. It is known for its high-speed operation and comes with a host of features. The 12 preset functions let you make a variety of food and beverages with just a single touch. So, make fresh juices, smoothies and start losing excess fat!

Grapefruit and Carrot Juice
Carrots are extremely low in calories and have a high fiber content which makes them ideal for weight loss. The high content of fiber makes the tummy satiated for a long time and makes the prevents the mindless cravings. Eating when it is not required is one of the reasons of sudden weight gain, and carrots can prevent this very well. Adding grapefruit to the carrots can further help in reducing weight loss.

Ingredients and Preparation
4 carrots
1 grapefruit (ripe)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
A pinch of ginger powder or an inch of ginger

Peel the grapefruit and cut the inner fiber into pieces. Peel carrots, and add everything in the KENT kitchen blender. Press the button and let the ingredients blend well. Serve chilled!

Carrot, Beetroot, Strawberry and Orange Juice
A mixed fruit juice of sorts, but with carrots. It is imperative to have a balanced diet, and with this juice, you will get all the essential nutrients. Beets help in increasing stamina and can help in workouts. Strawberries are known for their high content of antioxidants which help in weight loss by reducing inflammation and eventually restoring the functions of weight-reducing hormones. Ellagic acid and anthocyanins present in strawberries are known to stimulate the production of adiponectin which suppresses hunger by slackening down the speed of digestion.

Ingredients and Preparation
2 carrots
15-20 strawberries
2 Beetroots
1 orange
1-inch ginger
cup water
2 mint leaves

Peel the carrots, beetroots and chop them into pieces. Peel the oranges, and deseed them. Add all the ingredients except mint leaves into the KENT Kitchen Blender and blend. Pour into a tall glass and serve chilled!

Cucumber, Spinach and Pineapple Juice
In addition to being refreshing, pineapple has numerous health benefits. With its high water and fiber content, it keeps you satiated for a prolonged period. Pineapple is also high in antioxidants and cuts down the risk of macular degeneration. When added with cucumber, it makes a perfect blend for losing weight. This juice is best for people who eat impulsively. Spinach is rich in Vitamin A and is low on calories.

Ingredients and Preparation
1 cucumber
1 cup of pineapple
1 cup of spinach (chopped)
1-inch ginger

Add all ingredients in the KENT Kitchen Blender and blend into a smooth shake. Serve chilled. Alternatively, you can add mint and celery if you want it more on the greener side.

Spinach, Pear, and Strawberry Juice
Pear is tasty, high in carbohydrate but low in calories. They make up for a perfect juice recipe when tagged along with strawberries and spinach. This juice is also good for people who want to add lean muscle mass and shed fat simultaneously. Alternatively, you can add a pinch of pepper on the top of this juice and improve the fat burning process through thermogenesis.

Ingredients and Preparation
2 pears
1 cup spinach
10-15 strawberries
Pinch of black or cayenne pepper

Peel the skin of pears and deseed them. Add all the ingredients in the KENT Kitchen Blender and blend until smooth.

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