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Things All Travel Enthusiasts Would Relate to

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Traveling is a therapy, it makes one become a better person and teaches valuable life lessons as well. For some, itís the perfect way to find solace while for others itís the perfect excuse to meet and interact with new people. However, at the end of every travel excursion, there are things that one looks back to, things that make them feel nostalgic and bring a smile on their face.

Here is a list of some amazing things that all travel enthusiasts would relate to. Take a look!

Your First Visa

More than the ticket price, I am sure you must be excited about the first visa on your passport. Isnít it the best feeling ever? Well, to be honest, I still open my passport and take a quick look at my first ever visa and those lovely stamps. They bring a smile on my face and the thousands of memories associated with that memorable trip.

Upgrade to the Business Class

Budget travellers would understand the feeling behind getting upgraded to the business class (that is all we dream about!). All the luxury offered in the business class (from wine to delicious food and a comfortable seat) gives the perfect start to the vacation and is the best thing that has ever happened to a budget traveller. The dropped flight ticket prices at Yatra and a class upgrade, what else someone would want?

Have you ever been upgraded?

Free Wi-Fi, Yayy!

The international data roaming rates can easily break anyoneís bank. Free Wi-Fi at public places is a blessing for travellers who have a habit of updating their social media profile with real time pictures. Also, free internet service helps them keep in contact with people back and update them about their well-being. Free Wi-Fi is unlimited happiness at a higher speed. Has this happened to you ever?

Home Cooked Yummy Food

People who travel solo, usually have a habit of interacting with locals and end up getting invited for a meal. Traveling to somewhere far and getting invited for home-cooked local food is the best way to take back memories. Solo travellers who love interacting with the locals sitting on the bar counter usually end up making a lot of local friends who love to show them around and treat them with authentic local cuisines. Got a flashback?

A Hot Rejuvenating Shower

If you are someone who loves exploring the roads on a bike or a scooter, only you will understand the feeling of taking a hot shower after a long ride. It takes away all the tiredness and makes you ready and all geared up for the next adventure. The cozy hotel bed starts feeling cozier after a refreshing shower. Do you also make sure the hotel you book has 24/7 access to hot water like I do?

Beach, Beer & Sea

Is there anything better in this world than chilling at a beach with a crate of beer by your side? Nothing, right? The sound of waves, the bright sun, and chilled beer make the perfect combination for a day out at a beach. Also, if you have a great group of friends by your side, the experience would just double up!

Although there are many other things that a traveller would relate to, I am sure those listed above would top anyoneís list. So, keep traveling and keep making unforgettable memories.

Happy Travelling!

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