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Beauty Trends: 4 Unavoidable Makeup Fads for Fashion Maniacs

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This year has just commenced and it would be a good time to review makeup fads which will remain from last year along with the ones newly introduced this year. Colored eyeliners to strobing and even the no makeup look we have tried it all last year; but whatís in store for us fashion maniacs this year?

There is a whole year ahead of with the numerous functions and parties we need to attend through the year and there are many questions going on in the fashion conscious girls mind. What lipstick to choose this season- red or light? Are smoky or heavily done up eyes the look this year or just a subtle look?

Letís take a look at some beauty expertís advice on what seems to be the 4 makeup fads to follow in 2016. This year seems to be the right time to put up your best and most natural look forward, with complexions more likely to have a softer look while maintaining a glowing appeal.

Check out these 4 unavoidable makeup fads for 2016.

Bold and full brows

Carried forward from 2015 the full and bold brow theory is likely to only get more popular this year. Eyebrows with definition are to be a huge hit this year suggests Grace Lee, makeup artist for Maybelline New York. A good

quality brow pencil or powder is a must for all the fashion divas out there to get that perfect brow filled to perfection.

With thick and full brows in fashion to get that polished look perfecting the brows would be more appropriate than spending time on perfecting the eye makeup. So if you already have thick brows you are lucky and all you need to do is keep them perfectly groomed and in place with a clear or tinted brow gel. If you donít have the time of getting your eyebrows in shape you can try a home service specialist who could do the needful for you. Urban Clap APP services at your doorstep, where you can connect with their beauty services instantly and at your fingertips to get your look organized for the party next day.

Tips to keep in mind while getting the full eyebrow look is that we recognize symmetry in makeup is very difficult to achieve considering most of us donít have perfectly even faces. The best technique here is to follow the sisters not twins rule while applying the eye pencil which can drastically reduce the time taken in your daily beauty regime.

Brighter pouts

You donít need to pack up or throw away the extra bright lipsticks you stocked up on in 2015 as the bright lips trend is also here to stay this year. Shades of classic browns and rich browns are very in this year, so stock up further on the right bold colors matching your skin tone. Be free this year to experiment with impactful shades like deep and opaque colors, to see how well those shades add definition and provide the brighter and fuller lips effect.

Deep red-brown is perfect during the colder months with a liner in the same shade used first to keep the color from bleeding, while the classic red which offers the scarlet pout illusion is never out of fashion.

Softer Eyelids

This year will be a change from last yearís severe liner look. Softer grey eye shadow palettes with unexpected pops of color seem to be the in thing. Tim Quinn, celebrity makeup artist for Giorgio Armani said ďGraphic eye makeup and liner will fall by the wayside (in 2016)Ē.

To get the softer look one thing to keep in mind while choosing an eye shadow and eyeliner is not the color of your eyes, to be able to subtly bring out your natural color. To make your eye color stand out; the best would be to select a color that is the opposite of your eye color. For instance blue eyes require shades like brown or golden; while shades which are opposite to someone with green eyes will only brighten and enhance the individuals eye color further. Further to get the subtle look women with darker skin tones are advised to steer clear of eye-shadows that are too white or light, likewise women with fair, pale skin should avoid eye-shadows that are too dark this season.

While applying the eyeliner it is important to remember that to get your most youthful, look you might want to consider softening the eyeliner color choice. You can even skip the eyeliner for a softer, natural look and instead get a natural look by using an eyeliner brush and an eye-shadow to add a little soft and subtle definition at your lash line, without making your eyes looked lined.

Shimmering beauty

For the skin tone the brighter the better, and though we will always have a place in our heart for the matte makeup look, the luminous skin is going to be very in this year. So all you fashion trendsetters will be well advised to carry dewy foundations and highlighters in your makeup bag for that long and tiring day to retouch your look and keep on the bright and luminous look the whole day long.

Foundation generally blends a hundred times better when applied with a moisturizer first, in fact Japanese women well renowned for their beautiful and luminous skin consider layering up with skin water and emulsion as important as cleansing their face before working their way through moisturizers and foundations or bb creams. These are a must and staple in their skin regime and most do not consider putting makeup or foundation before applying this step.

While you are at it a few more tips from beauty experts would be helpful to get that perfect look like getting some contouring powder, highlighter and a decent blending brush to get yourself completely well chiseled cheekbones, while strobing is another way to enhance your facial features with sheer illumination!

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