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'Ocean Rimmed World': The Ocean giveth, but the ocean also taketh away By :Mayabhushan Nagvenkar
A kaleidoscope of Pakistan's other surprising side (Book review) By :Vikas Datta
AI, analytics not the fiefdom of a few businesses (Book Review) By :Gokul Bhagabati
The ignored/unknown kitsch that also advanced Bollywood (Book Review) By :Vikas Datta
Truth, torture, Trump and more: James Comey's eventful career (Book Review) By :Vikas Datta
The French novelist who fought for justice - and the price he paid By :Vikas Datta
Brown: The colour of toil but non-acceptance across the West? (Book Review) By :Vikas Datta
How state-run banks were in denial mode on NPAs (Book Review) By :Biswajit Choudhury
A rivalry in the realistic setting of a forgotten war (Review) By :Aroonim Bhuyan
Whither India? An atlas of present faults and future courses (Book Review) By :Vikas Datta
A call for jihad in an earthly paradise and its consequences (Book Review) By :Vikas Datta
The Trump syndrome and its impact: A psychiatric probe By :Vikas Datta
Perceptions, Postures and Pragmatism: India-Pakistan relations down the decades By :Vikas Datta
Tackling terror, battling betrayal - a British politician's fate By :Vikas Datta
The straight dope about the Fuehrer and the Nazi war machine (Book Review) By :Vikas Datta
The 'Great South Asian War' and its salutary lessons By :Vikas Datta
An Indian eternal man and the philosopher's stone quest By :Vikas Datta
The dark side of Karachi and its violent politics By :Vikas Datta
Now, a book to help investing in stocks in time of demonetization By :Webindia123 Editor
An ode to life at the turn of the previous century By :Nivedita Giri
Love and heartbreak, Allahabad style (Book Review) By :Vikas Datta
The knowledge deficit in the information age - and its consequences (Book Review) By :Vikas Datta
Modi-fication of India's foreign policy (Book Review) By :M R Narayan Swamy
The life and times of women who influenced Tagore By :Aparajita Gupta
Love in the shadow of the 'Nirbhaya' episode (Book Review) By :Vikas Datta
Mentally mastering money for a more meaningful life (Book Review) By :Vikas Datta
Passion, love and ample romance (IANS Books) By :Webindia123 Editor