Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Vishnu Makhijani, Associate Editor, IANS, Delhi - webindia123.com
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Vishnu Makhijani,
Associate Editor, IANS
Delhi, India



 My Articles

1. Understanding different shades of grey, coping with change, of leadership in sports & life (IANS Books) ( Books )

Everything isn't black or white - there are overlaps and shades of grey and this primer will nudge you into finding the answers that will help you navigate through the world

2. Now, Ranthambore's Machali inspires a book on human survival ( Books )

"Three Ways to Disappear' (Ashland Creek Press) is a convergence of my love of writing, my love of animals and nature," debut author Katy Yocum told IANS

3. Astute statesman Vajpayee was courageous when required, diplomatic when necessary: Fali Nariman (Book Review) ( Books )

"Atalji was an astute statesman to his fingertips. Courageous when required. Diplomatic when necessary. He taught me a great lesson -- that it pays not to be angry or lose your temper when speaking in Parliament. It is always advisable to scotch your opponent with faint praise!

4. 'Even on your worst day, don't stop loving yourself' ( Miscellaneous )

What you listen from others is what your ears hear. That's external appreciation, criticism or validation. But your most powerful conversation happens between your ears, in your mind.

5. 'Lack of consensus hampering holistic action on cyber security' (Book Review) ( Books )