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February 20, 2009

Apple Squash

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Last Updated: 20-2-2009
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Ingredients :    
1. Fresh ripe Apples
- 1 kg
  Water - 1 cup
2. Sugar
- 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 kg
- 2 cups
  Citric Acid - 2 heaped tsp
3. Cinnamon 1inch length
- 6 pieces
  Water - 1/4 cup
4. Yellow Colour - a pinch
5. Potassium meta bisulphate - 1/4 tsp
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Method :

Peel the apples and cut into small pieces. Grind it smoothly with 1cup of water in a liquidiser. Instead of using the liquidiser, you can also steam the apple pieces, smash and mix it well with 1 cup of water. Add the water slowly to the mixture, strain in a sieve and keep aside.

Crush the cinnamon pieces and boil it in 1/4 cup of water. When it boils, filter the water and keep aside.

Heat 1 1/2 kg sugar, 2 cups water and citric acid in a vessel. Stir it continuously. When the sugar dissolves in the water, add the apple pulp into it. Add the cinnamon solution and yellow colour in it. Remove from fire as soon as it boils and allow to cool. When the solution cools, dissolve potassium meta bisulphate in it and store the squash in a dry bottle.

Note: You can make tasty Mango soufflé by adding the required amount of milk and cream with this squash.

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   GEET, CHENNAIReplyPosted On:17/8/2009
really nice method..................