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January 12, 2009

Egg Vermicelli

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Festival : Ramadan
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Last Updated: 12-1-2009
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Ingredients :
Egg - 30 no's
Sugar - 3 cups
Water - 6 glass
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Method of Preparation :

Break the eggs and separate the yolk. Strain the yolk using a spoon in a sieve and keep it aside.

Dissolve sugar in 6 glass of water and boil it in a flat plate. Make a small hole in a plastic glass and pour the egg yolk into it. Spread the yolk mixture over the sugar solution through this hole. After 10-15 rounds, sprinkle a little cold water into the solution. Lower the flame, remove the egg from the sugar syrup. Strain and keep aside. Cook the remaining egg yolk in the same manner.

Beat the egg white with the remaining sugar syrup. Steam the mixture. Cut into pieces of required shapes. Spread the yolk mixture on a plate and arrange the steamed egg white pieces in the middle.

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   shobithanaseer, chennaiReplyPosted On:12/9/2009
i was really searching for the preparation of this recipe thanks alot