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September 27, 2013

Easy chilly chicken

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Last Updated: 27-9-2013
Preparation Time
20 minute
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Chilly chicken as you all know is essentially a Chinese dish.

We are going to prepare an Indo-Chinese version of chilly chicken in just 20 minutes. This simple and easy to cook dish is ideal to cope with your busy schedule.

Ingredients :

Oil - 1-2 tbsp
Green chillies thinly chopped - 5-6
Onion cubed - 4-5
Garlic flakes - 4-5
Ginger thinly chopped - 1
Crushed red chilly - 1 tbsp
Chicken small - ½ kg Bite size pieces
Tomato sauce - 1-2 tbsp
Soya bean sauce - 1-2 tbsp
Salt - 1-2tsp
Capsicum cubed - 1
Corn flour - 1tsp
Coriander leaves - 6-7
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Cooking Method :

To begin with, add two tablespoons of cooking oil into the pan. When the oil heats up, add thinly chopped chillies along with cubed onions, garlic flakes, thinly chopped ginger and crushed red chilly. Sauté the masala and finally add small bite size chicken pieces into the recipe. Remember- while preparing ingredients, the smaller you chop things, the faster they cook. Let the chicken cook for about 10 minutes.

Now add tomato sauce into the curry, followed by Soya bean sauce, continue sautéing and add salt to taste. Now its time to add cubed Capsicum into the recipe along with Coriander leaves to add flavor. If you want your Easy Chilly chicken to have thick gravy, add corn flour mixed with water to the recipe. Also you could add Chilly chicken masala in case you want to give more color and spice to the curry.

The best combo is to serve Easy chilly chicken curry with Steamed Basmati rice or Wheat rotis. This simple and easy to cook dish is ideal to cope with your busy schedule.

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