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July 18, 2013

Rava Payasam

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Last Updated: 18-7-2013
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Have you ever wondered of a delicacy made of Rava with Melted Jaggery and Coconut milk...We tried this sweet dish and it tasted like Cadbury Bournville. We are going to Prepare Rava Payasam.


Ingredients :

Rava - 100 gm
First Coconut milk - 1 cup (Extract of Grated coconut pureed with water)
Second Coconut milk - 2 ½ cups
Cashew nuts - 14-15 nos
Raisins - 14-15 nos
Cardamom Powder - 8-10 nos
Melted Jaggery - ½ kg
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Cooking Method :

To melt Jaggery you need to break Jaggery into small pieces with a knife. Place the Jaggery pieces in a heavy bottom Pan. Pour 1cup of water to the pan; bring to a full boil on low heat. Stir in between and make sure there are no big pieces left. Switch off the stove and let it cool. Strain the liquefied Jaggery through a kitchen strainer to remove impurities.

Scrape coconut flakes from ½ a coconut. Take thick coconut milk i.e first milk by blending coconut flakes with 1 cup of water in a mixer. Squash and strain through a sieve. Repeat the process by pureeing the flakes with 2 1/2 cups of water to extract the second milk. Meanwhile roast Cashew nuts and Raisins in ghee in another Pan. Keep it aside.

We can start off with the payasam by first frying Rava in ghee. Continue to fry until the roasted smell of Rava wafts out. Don't let the Rava change color, so keep sautéing on medium flame. Now pour second coconut milk over the roasted Rava.. Slowly Rava tents to absorb coconut milk to form a grainy consistency. Take care not to form lumps and keep sautéing.

To this, add Melted Jaggery. Jaggery is added instead of sugar for sweetness and for rich brown color. Finally add a cup of the First Coconut milk extracted from the grated coconut and keep sautéing. Add Cardamom powder for flavour and finally season your Rava Payasam with Roasted Nuts and Raisins. The aroma that wafts out is sure to water your mouth..

Your Simple & Easy, yummy Rava Payasam is ready to serve at its best ………

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