Saturday, July 20, 2024

Fairs & Festivals


Veerpuri Fair

The Veerpuri fair is held at Mandor to commemorate the heroes of Rajasthan . The site is about 10km from Jodhpur. The fair is held on the penultimate Monday of Shravan. There are two legends about its origin.          

According to one, Jaswant Singh who ruled Mandor was sent to Ahmednagar by Aurangzeb to crush a rebellion. Jaswant Singh prayed to old heroes of his land for success and was able to win the battle. He built a gallery of heroes at Mandor and every year on the last Monday of Shravan he visited to pay respect to the heroes. 

The second legend concerning the origin of the fair relates to Veerpuja. During Mughal days, a Rajput youth had to leave his unmarried sister alone to join a battle. The sister applied  tilak to her brothers forehead and he returned victorious from battle.