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Kapil Muni Fair

The Kapil Muni fair is held every year on Kartik Purnima in Kolayat which is a sacred place near Bikaner. The word 'Kolayat' is derived from the Sanskrit word Kapilyatan.

Kolayat is located on a plateau which is part of Thar desert. Here a deep depression forms a lake where water is sweet and pure. The lake has fifty-two ghats. A statue of Kapil Muni has been installed at the main ghat.

 According to the Skanda Purana, who was married to the daughter of Maharshi Manu. Kapil Muni attained the highest religious merit in boyhood and taught his mother the Sankhya Sastra. On his retirement to the Himalayas Kapil Muni came across on oasis and was bewitched by its beautiful surroundings. A part of his soul lingered there and oasis became famous and many devotees thronged it. But the gods became jealous and hid it in the sandy desert. Skandh Deo, the son of Siva and Parvathi, took pity on suffering humanity and brought the place back to light. Great significance is attached to a dip in the holy lake which is supposed to Purge the devout of his sins. 

There are many legends connected with the area, which tell of rebirths and vows made and broken and of rishis and munis who faltered and were saved. Through the centuries a number of miracles are said to have been performed due to the intercession of Kapil Muni. This belief still lingers to keep the fair going.