Friday, September 22, 2023

Fairs & Festivals


The Kaila Devi Fair

The Kaila Devi Fair is one of the principal fairs of Rajasthan which is held from Chaitr Krishna 12 to Chaitr Shukla 12 at Kaila in the Karauli sub-division of Sawai Madhopur district. 

The village was named Kalia after a sadhu called Kedar Giri who lived on the banks of the river Kali Sil. The images of Lakshmi and Chammunda can be seen in the temple of Kalia Mata.

 During the Yadavas rule, Maharaja Gopal Singh built a big temple with dome and a golden pinnacle. Number of buildings were constructed during the time of Maharaja Bhanwarpal and the area acquired vast popularity for its sanctity and scenic charm. The fair is held for a fortnight, during which animals are sacrificed outside the temple to propitiate the goddess. Traders from surrounding areas come to the fair and do brisk business. Rajputs, Meenas and members of the some other scheduled castes are among the principal devotees of Kaila Devi.