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Fairs & Festivals


Rani Sati Fair

Rani Sati fair was held in Jhunjhunu town twice a year, on Magh-Krishna Navami and Bhadrapada Amavasya. It was on Magh Krishna Navami that Rani Sati, the first of the series of thirteen Satis of the Jalan family, immolated herself. The last Sati was on Bhadrapada Amavasya. As Rani was the first Sati in  her family, the fair is held in her name.

  There was a legend behind the fair. The Jali Ram, the diwan of Nawab of Hissar had a son Tandhan Ram who owned a fine mare. The son of Nawab of Hissar wanted the mare for himself. When his request was refused, he decided the steal the horse. Tandhan Ram threw his spear at the thief and killed him. Nawab of Hissar attacked Tandham Ram and killed him while he was returning with his wife Narainidevi to Jhunjhunu. Narainidevi took away the body of her husband and immolated herself on the funeral pyre and later appeared as a goddess. Her principal followers are Jalans, who are the descendants of another son of Jali Ram.