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Ramdeoji Fair

Ramdeora fair is held every year for ten days in August-September to pay homage to the fifteenth century saint, Shri Ramdeoji. Ramdeora village lies about 13 km from Pokaran, headquarters of a sub-division in Jaisalmer district.

Ramdeoji was a Tomar Rajput. Hindus regard him as an incarnation of Lord Krishna, while Muslims venerate him as Ramshah Pir. There is a story behind the birth of Ramdeoji. In the twelfth century, King Anangpal decided to go on a pilgrimage and as he had no son, he entrusted the administration of his kingdom to Pritviraj Chauhan, his maternal grandson. Prithviraj refused to restore the kingdom to King Anangpal, who had returned from the pilgrimage and the King and his descendant settled in the part of Jaisalimer which is known as Shiv tehsil.

One of Anangpal's descendants Ajmall, was a great devotee of Dwarkadhesh (Lord Krishna). Because of his devotion Dwarkadhesh decided to take birth as his son. The child was named Ramdeo. Ramdeo soon became famous as a saintly man and five pirs from Mecca came to test him , and they were impressed by Ramdeo and paid him obeisance.

Ramdeoji is considered a saint who devoted his life to the uplift of the downtrodden. He buried himself alive. Around Ramdeoji's grave a magnificent temple was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner. Wooden toy horses covered with cloth are among the most popular offerings at the temple. It is one of the famous fairs in Rajasthan.