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Galiyakot Urs

The Urs at Galiyakot attracts Davoodi Bohras from all over the country. Galiyakot is a small village situated on the banks of the Mahi river in the interior of the Sagwara tehsil of  picturesque Dungarpur district. It is the place where Syedi Fahruddin, the venerated saint of the Bohras lies buried. 

The shrine of the saint is near the village. The mausoleum has a beautiful dome sixteen metres highs and six metres wide. There is a mosque by the side of the shrine where women can offer prayers. There are a number of graves around the dargah and in one of them lies buried Bhai Sahib, the son of the saint. 

The Son of Tarmal, Syedi, Fakrhuddin in his wanderings came to the village of Galiyakot where he died and was buried. He performed many miracles, and pilgrims from India and abroad visit the shrine to seek his intercession. His Urs is celebrated on the twenty seventh of Moharrum, according to the Egyptian calendar which differs from the Hijri Calendar followed by Sunni Muslims.