Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Folk Drama & Entertainment

Madaris, Bazigars and Saperas

The jugglers (madaris), acrobats (bazigars) and snake-charmers (saperas) are entertainers who keep moving through the towns, villages and streets of the Punjab. A juggler often trains a bear or a monkey and takes it along with him. He sounds his damroo (tiny drum) thus inviting the audience. The animals are well trained to perform interesting feats like a wedding of the monkeys or a bear dance or a bear hug.

 Bazigars carry long poles and ropes. Where a performance has to be given, they dig up ground, stick two poles horizontally, tie a tight rope on them and then made a young boy or a girl perform a tight -rope dance. The nomadic Bazigars wander about with their families, settling for a few days or weeks at a time in the vicinity of large villages or towns. 

Saperas keep snakes in their baskets, play catchy tunes on specially made pipes called beens and make the snakes dance to their tunes.