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Folk Drama & Entertainment

Folk Drama and Entertainments

Folk Drama

Folk-drama has its roots in the distant past and has been handed down from generation to generation. During Muslim rule when dramatic activities virtually came to a stand-still, the villages were bursting with folk-drama, dancing, mimicry, jugglery, Nautanki and various other forms of fun and frivolity known as Swang, Naqal, Tamasha etc. The artistes who performed them went from village to village beating their drums or step-sticks and collecting audiences. All credit goes to these performers for keeping alive the dramatic tradition of Punjab.

The folk-drama of the Punjab is of two main types like religious and secular. The former is generally musical in form in which events of religious importance like the Ram Lila or the Krishna Lila are presented. The latter comprises mostly Swang, Naqal and Nautanki. Its performances are meant only for entertainment.