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Folk Drama & Entertainment


Swang is a sort of semi-religious metrical play in which episodes from the lives of celebrated heroes  are depicted.

It is partly acted and partly recited and is performed by professional ballad singers at festivals like Holi, Basant and Dussehra. There is generally preference for a hero whose virtuous life may help arouse religious feelings among the people. Some of the favourite Swangs present incidents from the life of Puran Bhagat, Gopi Chand and Hakkekat Rai. Nala Damayanthi and Roop Basant are the other popular Swang. On important fairs, groups of entertainers enact these Swangs in order to instill religious feelings into the people.

The performances are mostly musical and the songs are set to popular folk tunes. They are among the finest assortments of folk-songs, music, metrical dialogues, acting and dancing all very cleverly linked by an episodic commentary but the main speaker.