Thursday, September 23, 2021


Folk Drama & Entertainment

Krishna Lila or Ras

Krishna Lila has its roots in folk-dance. From primitive times dance has been a common form of propitiating gods and goddess and Ras is likely an off-shoot of such religious dancing. Worshippers of Lord Krishna dressed as Gopis, danced round his image.

This form of worship later came to be called Ras. The performers of the Ras are called Rasdharis. Besides musicians the troupes include boys in their early teens. One of these boys with a handsome face is given the role of Krishna. His make-up is very scrupulously done. He holds a flute in his hand, wears a peacock crown on his head and looks impressive. Another younger boy with feminine looks plays Radha. In make-up greater accent is always put on the appearance of Krishna than of Radha. Other boys play the roles of Gopis and all perform through dance and drama various incidents from the life of Krishna. Ras Lila is an assortment of devotional songs, music, dance and acting. The rainy season during which the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated is the most appropriate period for these performances.