Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Folk Dances


Karthi is the only mixed dance of men and women, which used to be more popular in the hills, than in the plains.

While the Bhangra and the Jhumar are not preceded by any ritual to a deity, in the Karthi, offerings are first made to a deity, at a harvest time. This is followed by women leading the processions and singing songs. The men follow, and then a circle is formed with men and women alternating and linking hands. The accompanying songs are sentimental, and tell of battles fought and victories won, of the union and quarrels of lovers. The tempo of the Karthi is a slower than the tempo of the other two dances. There is much clapping of hands both singly and in pairs. While no wind instruments are used in the Bhangra and the Jhumar, a folk Shenai and other wind instruments are in evidence in the Karthi.