Saturday, July 20, 2024


Folk Dances


Kikli is generally popular with the younger girls. They form pairs and then the two girls of each pair stand opposite each other holding each other's hands crosswise.

Then they lift their heels and swing round and round on their toes. The movements gets faster and faster, the upper part of the body bends backward and the arms remain fully stretched. As the spinning gathers momentum, it creates an ecstasy and the girls go on and on till they reach the point of exhaustion. Even though they move very fast, they are very careful to maintain rhythm and keep singing various kinds of songs about the mother, the father, the brother, the mother-in-law and about various incidents connected with daily life.

Luddi and Jhumar are also famous dances especially for auspicious occasions. Luddi is generally danced to celebrate a victory. Dancers lift both arms, hop on one foot and move in a circle, swinging their bodies and shaking their shoulders. Though no songs are sung with Luddi, it is a dance bursting with enthusiasm.