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Folk Dances

Folk Dance

Folk-dances of the Punjab virtually hold a mirror to the characteristic Punjabi manliness, fortitude, forthrightness and gaiety. The dances are down-to-earth and devoid of all superficiality or sophistication.

Folk-dances are not bound by any rigid rule. They are an expression of emotions through physical movements. The dancer is free to synchronise any emotion with a gesture that he finds appropriate. The folk dancer does not need any special dress or make-up. The dancers are basically so simple that virtually no preparation is required for them.

The folk-dances are secular in character. Members of different sects and creeds, irrespective of their faiths, get together and dance. The main object of the dances are fun and entertainment. The musical instrument dhol (drum) is an essential in the folk-dances. 

The men and women do not dance together. They form separate groups. Folk dances are generally not the same for men and women but some dances are common to both. Bhangra is the men's dance and Giddha is the women's dance. Bhangra and Giddha are the most popular folk-dances of the Punjab.