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Table Coasters

Table Coasters
Contributed by- Chandana Rajput , Khanna , India
Total views : 31037    24 . 11 . 2008

Table Coasters
Ivory sheet
- 12cm X 12cm
Satin ribbons - pink and golden color


Take an ivory sheet of size 12cm X 12cm.Take satin ribbons in different colures i.e pink and golden and cut the ribbons 14cm each. Now paste pink ribbons on one side of the back of the ivory sheet and golden ribbons on the other side. Now weave the design in plain weave. And complete the coaster by sticking the other ends on the rest f the sides. Now take another ivory sheet of same size and stick it on the wrong side of the coaster. Cover the coaster with cellophane paper. Your coaster is ready


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