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Face Tissue Flowers

Face Tissue Flowers
Contributed by- Jennifer Augustine , Kochi , India
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Even the common face tissue can be used to make pretty flowers.

Learn the simple flower making technique from our expert Mrs. Jennifer Augustine.



Materials Required

  • Face Tissue - different colours

  • Glue (Fevicol)

  • Thin Aluminium wires

  • Green tape

Procedure : 

  1. At first, take the tissue paper and cut it equally into four strips.

  2. Now attach three of these strips to make a long strip.

  3. Fold this long strip equally making it to about one fourth of its full length.

  4. Using a scissors, cut its edges and later unfold the strip of tissue.

  5. Take the aluminium wire and fold its edge.

  6. Dip its edge in glue.

  7. Crushing
  8. Slowly wind the tissue paper around the wire. As you wind, crush the paper (at the folding edge) for a filling look, at small intervals until you wind the whole strip.

  9. Tightening the wire around the finish flower
  10. Now tighten the same aluminium wire or thread around the flower for support and to prevent from falling off.

  11. Winding the green tape for the stem
  12. Wind the green tape around the wire to make the stem.

Your flower is ready. Arrange with fresh ferns for an attractive look.


Another Method with Tissue or organdi cloth material :

Materials Required : 

  • Tissue paper or organdi cloth

  • Green thread

  • Green tape

  • Aluminium wire

Cut out 7 to 8 round pieces (5cm diameter) from the organdi cloth. Fold the circles twice to make a cone shape and cut the round edges finely. Open out the circles. Cut out two long strands of thin wire. Fold one circle pieces and wind a long strand of wire at the end. Take one more circle and do the same. Keep both together and plait the two wires together. Wind the green tape around the wires (stem). Make a pin hole at the centre of the rest of the circles and insert this one by one through the wire from below. Tie it with a green thread to keep it in place. 


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Dinesh Tapre, Mumbai
December 12, 2011
This method very eassy. Flowers make simple. I like very much.
Roopa, Pune
September 21, 2011
Good craft work tought by u.....But only one issue from my side....While making the flower steps pls teach us by diagrams....So tat it could help the people easily....
angelica mae, pasay city
November 10, 2010
thanks for this website it helps me to our projects... . .love yah!!!:))
Sathy, Medical College, Trivandrum
June 21, 2010
I am very much like. But could not clearly understand.