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Wall Sconce

Wall Sconce
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A Sconce is a light fixture usually affixed to a wall during early days in Europe. We are going to make a simple sconce with the help of a cardboard sheet and small mirror. Usually made to decorate walls, sconce will add lot more charector to your home.

Wall Sconce
Materials require : -
» Cardboard sheet 1
» Black Marker 1
» Masking tape 1
» Old newspaper - some
» Galvanized wire 1
» Scissors
» Pins 3-4 pieces
» Ruler
» Acrylic paints Gold and white
» Paper glue 1 tube
» Small Mirror 1

drawing a half circle

Lets begin by drawing a half circle with extended leg on a cardboard sheet using a black marker. Since we are drawing the base of the sconce, the size of half circle with extended leg should match the total measurement of the sconce so remember to draw the sconce according to the size you want.

stick newspaper strips

Now lets stick newspaper strips all over the cropped cardboard so as to cover the back portion of the Wall sconce.

glue two layers

Similarly lets cut out base layer of the sconce and glue two layers for extra strength.

Glue newspaper strips on the base layer

Glue newspaper strips on the base layer as well. Width of the base and back of the sconce should be equal.

joined edges using paper masking tape

Using pins lets attach the base piece of the sconce to the back piece and cover the joined edges using paper masking tape.

lead wires

Now lets make the support for the wall sconce base using lead wires. For that, take a folded lead wire of 20 cm in length.

curly S-shape

Roll Paper masking tape over the lead wire then bend them into a curly S-shape and fix it via paper masking tape in between the back and base of the wall sconce .

golden metallic acrylic color

To further add beauty, lets paint the sconce with white acrylic paint and the support using golden metallic acrylic color.

small mirror to the inside lower back

Using hot glue lets paste a small mirror to the inside lower back of the sconce to reflect flame. Here we are also gluing a colored stone to further enhance the beauty of the wall Sconce.

Light a candle

Light a candle and your wall sconce is ready to grab gazes.


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