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Pot Painting Method II

Pot Painting Method II
Contributed by- Jennifer Augustine , Kochi , India
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Pots can be beautifully embellished with different methods of painting.

Here's another technique demonstrated by Mrs. Jennifer Augustine.


Pot Painting
Materials Required : 
Materials Required

Ceramic powder


Earthen pot


Fevicol or glue


Fevicryl metallic colour



›› Bowl

Procedure :

    Mixing fevicol and ceramic powder
  1. Take some ceramic powder and mix it with fevicol in a bowl until  you get a mixture with loose consistency (like a cake batter)

  2. Applying the mixture over the pot
  3. Pat this around the pot giving it a matte finish.

  4. Allow it to dry.

  5. Finally paint it with fevicryl metalllic colour of your choice.

  6. Your pot is ready.

Your pot is ready. This is an easy way of decorating an earthen pot.


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Padma Sree, Chennai
September 9, 2011
Nice..easy to design..!! thank you!!