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Expanding Folder with Flap

Expanding Folder with Flap
Contributed by- Sabeena , Mattancherry , India
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Expanding Folder with Flap

Materials Needed : -

» Homemade paper (any colour)
» Chart paper
» Fevicol glue
» Fevibond glue
» Scale
» Knife
  Hook and loop adhesive Tape (velcro)

How to make

Fold the chart paper in half and Cut through the folded part.

Fold the chart paper

Take one piece of paper and fold it small using a scale. Like a fan.

paper and fold

Press the folds together and make it even cutting out the extra part.

Fold the flaps equidistantly from both the sides twist, and make it vertical.

Fold the flaps

Open the fan like folds & make folds again on the twisted portion.

Open the fan

Cut the colour paper, make a folder to cover the folded chart paper shape the edges.

Cut the colour paper

Apply glue & stick the folded chart paper on to the colour folder.

Apply glue & stick

Cut the chart paper pieces of correct size and attach it inside the folded portion.

Cut the chart paper pieces

Make tab dividers for each chart pieces inserted.

tab dividers for each chart pieces

Fix hook and loop strips to fasten the folder.

Fix hook and loop strips

Expanding Folder with flap is ready!

Expanding Folder with Flap


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