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Glass Painting

Glass Painting
Contributed by- Jennifer Augustine , Kochi , India
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Here's a great craft idea from our DIY Craft Expert Mrs. Jennifer Augustine.

Watch how she plays with the colours and aesthetics, in pictures.


  Glass Painting

Materials  :

›› Square Glass piece
›› M- seal (A paste used for sealing cracks and leaks)
›› Glass paint
›› Thinner
›› Glue
›› Brushes
›› Aluminum foil
›› Boldly traced design
›› Talcum powder.


First a traced design is placed on the table and the plain glass is placed above the design, so that the design is clearly seen through the glass.

M Seal string

Now mix the two coloured pastes of the mseal in equal proportion to get a wax finish. With the help of talcum powder roll the dough (Mseal Mixture) into thin and even strings. This string is stuck with glue over the glass on the outline of the trace which is kept under the glass and allowed to dry.

String placed on the trace

When it dries colour it with black glass paint.


Before you start painting the colour, test your shades on the corner of the glass and wipe it off with the thinner. The colour choice should be perfect  because the stained glass paint gets dried up fast and the correction cannot be done easily. While painting, the colour blending should be done quickly and carefully. When the whole painting and the mseal border gets dried, remove the trace. Now place a crushed aluminum foil behind the picture and get it framed.

Glass Painting
Glass Painting


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Hiba Asif, Rawalpindi
September 14, 2014
Great and clean work..
Nilu, Pune
July 21, 2010
Your all crafts are very easy to learn and fantastic.thanks...............