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Coconut Art

Coconut Art
Contributed by- Sukirdha Selvarathnam , Madurai , India
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Coconut Art
» Coconut Shells
» Sharp Knife
» Cardboard or Asbestos Sheet
» M-Seal


1. Take the required number of coconut shells as given in the picture,remove those hair like coir.

2. After removing the coir completely,polish the coconut shells without any hair till the outer cover becomes smooth.

3. Take a small polished coconut shell and cut the edge in a zig-zag fashion using sharp knife.

4.Take a dry twig (dead dry)and a rectangular cardboard or asbestos sheet of size (20cm X 10cm) approx.

5. Now paint the above said materials using brown oil paint or the color you wish and allow it to dry.

6. Now using M-Seal fix the one end of the twig with the zig -zag coconut shell,so that it looks like a coconut tree.

7. Finally fix all the coconut shells and the tree on the cardboard sheet as you see in the picture.

8. Do some finishing and decorative works to make it catchy.

9. You can drop your pens and other stuffs in the coconut stand. ....

                                   Try it...simple...


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Bharathi, Chennai
February 2, 2013
Its very easy..
Neetu, Rohtak
March 13, 2012
Wow! it is so easy and realy vry creative. I'll try it soon.
Romesh, Congo
February 22, 2012
Its look nice...I will surely try it...
Rajalakshmi, Alappey
December 7, 2011
Superb Idea...
Jesintha.R., Chennai
June 8, 2011
These Coconut Art is Simply super. I will try. Thank you, Sukirtha
saanjh, india
May 2, 2011
nice art
Ancy, Kochi
November 25, 2013
How it simple?
Vidhya Balasubramaniam, India
April 28, 2011
Very simple, stylish, attractive and useful for the starters....
priya, shivamoga karnataka
April 13, 2011
it's very nice
r.kiruthika, madurai
March 28, 2011
ur idea is very very beautiful n useful too i like it very much