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Layered or Rainbow Candle

Layered or Rainbow Candle
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You can give layered effect by pouring different coloured waxes one over the other after each colour sets. You can use two to three colours or the rainbow colours as given here.

Take a thick square or round rigid mould. Take equal pieces of wax in seven different bowls. Keep the seven colour dyes or crayon pieces ready. Melt the wax in the first bowl and add red colour, pour it into the mould. When it is almost set, pierce it with a knitting needle and fix the primed wick. Repeat the process with the rest of the colours. Pour the coloured wax one over the other after the previous ones sets. It will take approximately 1 hour for the wax to set. Leave it over night in the mould and pull it out of the mould the next day.


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